Trekking is a set of activities including hiking and camping where the aim is to travel a certain distance or to arrive at a specific location under one’s own power. It necessarily follows that you carry sufficient equipment and food for the duration of the journey.

We will show you untouched nature; you will become a part of it. You will share your experience, prepare campfires, enjoy a glass or two and sleep under the open sky.trekking camp_ivona

Because we are in an exceptional location in the heart of the two national parks, you can trek anywhere within our area. Of course, we will select the most picturesque villages and attractive scenery. Treks can be adjusted according to your wishes.

The areas we select for trekking are so diverse and attract nature lovers from around the world – it is time that you also feel and enjoy the magic of our nature.

The land of canyons, the land of lakes and the land of two national parks are waiting for your visit.

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Intensive week

An intense week is our longest program that targets the group of people who love a good organization, who want to explore new things, it is also intended for groups who love contrasts, from the mountains to river valleys, from the top to the bottom of the canyon, from the heights to the lowlands of walking to lieing on aromatic pastures to the source of the purest water in this part of the world, people who love and want to walk .plivaju. paddling. And yet who finds time for the holidays with good food and comfortable accommodation. It is only necessary to find the time this is certainly TOP PROGRAM.
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The four-day tour with a trip to lake Bare

The four-day trip to the Bare is a program that is very frequent in recent years because of cost and because of what pruža.To the program for every taste and every society, be it the family, society, or that it is a team building .Kombinacija palnine and rivers, hills and valleys, and canyons height with good food and comfortable accommodation program for everyone

Lakes of Zelengora 3 days 2 nights

Lakes Zelengore three days program is intended for the groups that prefer to be alone, to explore new things with a safe lead our staff to feel safe and secure .Program is intended for people with good physical condition but again there are variations but can be adapted to families or small groups people who want this kind of adventure