Camp Ivona can arrange rafting on the Tara river – we have complete rafting equipment from professional white-water boats to wetsuits, lifejackets, helmets, and shoes.

Skippers are locals and certified by the IRF, with many years of management experience in the white-water of the Tara and Drina rivers. Rafting is designed and implemented as activity tourism, where, under the watchful eye of experienced guides you traverse the white-water of the most attractive canyon in this part of the world.

During the journey you will not only observe but will actively participate with the skipper. You will experience about 50 exciting rapids, which vary between class 2 and class 4 on the international scale or river difficulty.

For those with a more restless spirit we would advise early summer, others a bit later when the rapids are slightly calmer.rafting

Foreign guests must always carry a passport or ID card
Minimum number of people in group is 6. Smaller groups and individuals will join other groups
Minimum age of participants is 5, maximum of 105 years.
The price includes all taxes. Transport, accommodation, food, are charged extra in accordance with our price lists.
All rafting participants are equipped with helmets, neoprene wetsuits, shoes and paddles.
Given sufficient notice, itineraries may be amended in accordance with your wishes.
Activities may be purchased as gifts for your friends or assigned to other members of your party.
The organizers are not responsible for any lost or damage incurred by rafting participants.

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The four-day tour with a trip to lake Bare

The four-day trip to the Bare is a program that is very frequent in recent years because of cost and because of what pruža.To the program for every taste and every society, be it the family, society, or that it is a team building .Kombinacija palnine and rivers, hills and valleys, and canyons height with good food and comfortable accommodation program for everyone
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Orlovačko lake short 3 days 2 nights

Orlovačko shortened three-day program is designed for all groups and individuals who love contrasts, who like the combination of a good time, explore the glacier lake, swimming in the same, trout fishing, Good photos of beautiful landscapes, good view breathtaking, Adrenalin rafting on Tara with comfortable accommodation along with first-class food is extra combination for your weekend.

Rafting the entire canyon Tara

  Place of departure Rafting Camp Ivona Start tour 18h End of tour The end of the fourth day tours around 16:00 – Upon completion of lunch Wardrobe  Bring a swimsuit – Sunscreen – Hat – Accessories for personal hygiene and towels – a few Shirts – clothes for cooler evenings – From us you get other equipment INCLUDED Professional guide / skipper Rafting Tara 90 km All taxes Transport in jeep / van All meals during the tours  3 Nights NOT INCLUDED Drinks Schedule    

The three-day package with canyoning and rafting.

One day without overnight rafting is designed for people who are passing through or for those who are coming from or going towards the sea coast .This is actually a one-day trip without night or two meals and is suitable for people passing through or for those who make the trip the seashore.
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Rafting Tarom 3 days – short tour

Rafting on Tara three days shortened intended for all those who do not have much time but still want to experience the magic of socializing on the water or evenings at camp with good food, a glass of liquor, as well as music by the fireplace.

Rafting Tarom 3 days – Classic Tour

Classic three days is only for those who like to slowly enjoy the water, good food, comfortable accommodation as well as dinner with good quality at any gatherings with a drink by the fireplace

Rafting on river Tara with one overnight stay

Program with one overnight stay is designed for groups who are here to enjoy the beauty of our rivers. It is designed for people who do not have much time or are passing through or want to experience at least a part of the atmosphere that wins .Pogodan for groups that are passing on that are ready to indulge our guides to experience at least a part of the atmosphere, to try our specialties that sleep in comfortable accommodations breakfast and lunch and then again to jump in the pace of modern life requires.
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Orlovačko Lake 4 days 3 nights

The four-day trip to Orlovačko lake is for all people of good will who love nature but also love the contrast of river and mountain. All who choose this program can expect the adrenaline to keep nice get-together in the camp, a good view of the mountains, fenemenalno glacier lake, for anglers paradise, swimming at an altitude of 1500 meters in the lake and there are good food and comfortable accommodation.

One-day extended rafting Tarom – 42km of rafting

One-day extended rafting is for all hedonists who want to spend a day on the river. Lasts at least 5 hours and later on in the summer of 7 hours, as suited to enjoy the water, sun bathing and in the first part has a significant amount of adrenaline.
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Intensive week

An intense week is our longest program that targets the group of people who love a good organization, who want to explore new things, it is also intended for groups who love contrasts, from the mountains to river valleys, from the top to the bottom of the canyon, from the heights to the lowlands of walking to lieing on aromatic pastures to the source of the purest water in this part of the world, people who love and want to walk .plivaju. paddling. And yet who finds time for the holidays with good food and comfortable accommodation. It is only necessary to find the time this is certainly TOP PROGRAM.

One-day rafting on Tara

One day without overnight rafting is designed for people who are passing through or for those who are coming from or going towards the sea coast .This is actually a one-day trip without night or two meals and is suitable for people passing through or for those who make the trip the seashore.