Camp IVONA can arrange for you an off-road safari within two national parks, Durmitor and Sutjeska.

You will see an unexpected natural beauty of 27 mountain lakes. You will also see the fabled hills and valleys, drink spring water, feel the land of canyons in the new adventure mode, conquer the peaks and plains, take a walk by fragrant fields and drink tea made from freshly picked herbs. You will feel invigorated like never before. You will spend unforgettable moments in the district of protected species.

Our experienced guides will lead you around and explain everything of interest. You can visit the western side of the Durmitor National Park, through the Pivske mountains, followed by Trsa-Chick-Dobri dol, Sedlo and through Zabljak. Of course, there is also amazing Črno jezero (Black Lake), Curevac. If you wish, you can also go down to the famous bridge on the Djurdjeviču.

We will then return via the track on the other side of Durmitor, via Šuoca, then Mala Crna Gora, Sušica, Bojata, Nikoviča. jeep ture

Of course, we must not forget mention the Sutjeska National Park and its nine lakes, Perućica rainforest and the Skakavac waterfall (73m). The most frequent tours take in two lakes Zelengora – Gornja and Donja Bare and Boric.

We can also organize a drive along the edge of the Tara river canyon towards Ljubišnja. At 1362 metres, this is the deepest part of the canyon.

You will see the deepest divide in Europe (Tara canyon) from above.

You will need take your camera, with plenty of spare batteries and memory cards!

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Intensive week

An intense week is our longest program that targets the group of people who love a good organization, who want to explore new things, it is also intended for groups who love contrasts, from the mountains to river valleys, from the top to the bottom of the canyon, from the heights to the lowlands of walking to lieing on aromatic pastures to the source of the purest water in this part of the world, people who love and want to walk .plivaju. paddling. And yet who finds time for the holidays with good food and comfortable accommodation. It is only necessary to find the time this is certainly TOP PROGRAM.
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The four-day tour with a trip to lake Bare

The four-day trip to the Bare is a program that is very frequent in recent years because of cost and because of what pruža.To the program for every taste and every society, be it the family, society, or that it is a team building .Kombinacija palnine and rivers, hills and valleys, and canyons height with good food and comfortable accommodation program for everyone
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Orlovačko Lake 4 days 3 nights

The four-day trip to Orlovačko lake is for all people of good will who love nature but also love the contrast of river and mountain. All who choose this program can expect the adrenaline to keep nice get-together in the camp, a good view of the mountains, fenemenalno glacier lake, for anglers paradise, swimming at an altitude of 1500 meters in the lake and there are good food and comfortable accommodation.
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Orlovačko lake short 3 days 2 nights

Orlovačko shortened three-day program is designed for all groups and individuals who love contrasts, who like the combination of a good time, explore the glacier lake, swimming in the same, trout fishing, Good photos of beautiful landscapes, good view breathtaking, Adrenalin rafting on Tara with comfortable accommodation along with first-class food is extra combination for your weekend.