General questions

Mentioned in the program.

The most important thing is to bring a good mood all the equipment you can get from us.

Wear what you are comfortable. It is recommended to dress in layers because the nights are relatively cool.

Bring your bathing suit for rafting and protective clothing is our concern.

Yes. Reservation is necessary. Call us at any time so we can say that we have free capacities. This is the best for you and for us to avoid interference with tours and accommodations.

This price depends on many factors. Please call us in order to get a deal.

We understand that not everyone has a printer so that it is not necessary. But bring your identity card / passport to easily finish all about reservation.

The most exciting tours in the “strange” weather conditions, but if there’s any chance that endangered the safety of participants the tour will be postponed.

You must cancel your reservation at least 72 hours before departure. If you do between 24 and 72 hours we reserve 35% of the tours in case you do not cancel in the last 24 hours we reserve the total cost of the tour.

Payment terms

Prices are the total! Includes taxes, accommodation and meals mentioned in the package, transport that is essential for the tour and all equipment. The price does not include the price of drinks.