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Serbian cuisine

This year, Camp IVONA has introduced a school of Serbian cuisine. In addition to activity tourism, you will be able to learn about the secrets local specialities from experienced chefs. When members of your group become exhausted with the adrenaline rush, they will be looking forward to taste the expertly prepared and famous Durmitor-Foca-Zelengora pie. Durmitor, because you come from Durmitorja, Foca, because you're in the municipality of Foca, Zelengora because of the Zelengora cheese .

You will learn how to prepare the special Zeljanice dish by watching our experienced chefs. You will discover new flavours, you will learn to use just the right amount of flour, salt and spices. While the dough is resting, can try different blends of local brandy.srpska kuhinja

We will show you the exact ratio of whole milk, homemade cheese from Zelengora, cabbage, and other secrets of the filling. All that you will serve to your friends for breakfast - not only in the camp Ivona, but also when you return home. Camp Ivona is known far and wide for the way we prepare our baked goodies.

Veal stew and goulash is particularly tasty after a long day of adrenaline events.

You will learn how to prepare Ivoninega goulash which is proven to be the best in the region. You will learn everything you need to know about the cooking of these exquisite dishes, so that you can share them with and amaze your friends back home.

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